The C64 a new Commodore 64 clone.

The C64 – The Commodore 64 is Coming Back to Resume Hostilities with the Speccy

Not to be outdone by it’s arch rival the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64 has it’s very own crowded funded retro revival project.

The headline here is that they’re not just planning a desktop clone (The 64) but also a handheld device (The 64SX).

The C64 a new Commodore 64 clone.
‘Desktop’ and handheld versions will be available
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Retro Heaven

The company behind the project are called Retro Games Ltd and are based in the UK although they will be trading in US dollars. This makes sense for them since if all goes well there should be a huge demand from the States.

Final details are still not set in stone but it will come pre-loaded with games both retro and brand new titles. The desktop version will also be delivered with a joystick that looks very similar to the Competition Pro and both versions will have HDMI out so you can plug them into your massive telly in the comfort of your lounge.

For hardcore retro enthusiasts there is also talk of adding a composite video out to allow you to wire it up to a classic old-school CRT TV and they’re hoping to make it compatible with original C64 hardware.

How Much?

The handheld version weighs in at $170/£120 and the desktop version with one joystick $175/£124 (other packages are available).

With both the Spectrum and C64 being reborn let’s hope we see a return to the school yard computer wars of the 80s.

All we need now is a new Amstrad CPC…

Crowd funding details on INDIEGOGO

And you can pre-order here:

Here’s their promo video:

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