A screenshot from the iOS cricket game Flicky Cricket.

New: Flicky Cricket for iOS

A player from the iOS game Flicky Cricket.
Bopera here is ready to get you the mother of all high scores. He just needs to pad up.
Flicky Cricket is, as you might guess, a cricket game for iOS that involves swiping the screen to score runs. It features simple game-play, blocky graphics and sparse, basic sounds that give it a distinctly retro 8 bit feel. It’s also free to play, enjoyable and, in our opinion, well worth downloading.


You play as a single batsmen running up your own score, there are no overs, no changing ends or team score here the current game ends when you are out.

To score runs you swipe the screen in the direction you want the ball to go at the precise moment the ball arrives at your bat. Timing is all important, if you swipe too early or too late then you’ll be bowled out. The speed and distance of your swipe are also important as they control the power of your shot.

As well as being bowled you can also be caught so you need to control the direction and power of your shots carefully to ensure the ball doesn’t stray too close to a fielder.

To add to the challenge the fielders are moved between every shot and the bowler mixes up the pace of delivery significantly so that the balls comes at you at different speeds.

A screenshot from the iOS retro game Flicky Cricket.
Long on is looking good.

Unlike some 8 bit games the pace is relentless so you only have a moment to asses the field and quickly judge the speed of the incoming ball before making your shot. The bowler doesn’t wait around while you leisurely review the field either, he wants you out, he’s not going to wait until you’re ready.

Flick and Collect

The game starts you as a single cricket star but there are plenty of other players you can collect and use as your batsmen as you chase your new high score, each one has their own batting strengths.

A screenshot from the iOS game Flicky Cricket
This bloke’s good off side, leg side…not so good.

You can acquire new batsmen by collecting in-game coins that are awarded for high scores. Coins also appear on the out field during play and if you land the ball on one you’ll win them. This is a great idea that adds another dimension to the decisions you quickly need to make as the bowler rains in his deliveries at you.

In true old school retro sports game style the players are well known cricketing names but misspelled slightly we assume to avoid expensive licensing.


It’s free to play and you genuinely get a good game experience playing it for free. The adverts appear when you are out and can be closed quickly with no forced watching. These adverts almost feel like a deserved punishment for losing your wicket especially if you forget your discipline and get caught going for that stupid grandstand cover drive between two fielders you know you should have left.

If you fancy earning some coins you can opt to watch some adverts, these cannot be bypassed and are the usual irritating fair.

A screenshot showing players to earn and buy in the retro themed iOS game Flicky Cricket.
Buy your way to success with players starting at 79p which isn’t bad considering Royal Challengers Bangalore paid over a million quid for Shane Watson in the IPL auction.

If you love your hero so much that you’re not willing to wait then you’re going to have to get your virtual wallet out and hand over some hard earned cash (around 3 quid for a top player).


It’s not an in-depth cricket experience, as we said above it focuses on a single player’s innings, but it does give you the challenge of searching out runs and avoiding fielders as you chase down that high score.

Getting that high score requires self control, patience and above all constant focus but when you hit your first century or land a ball perfectly on a coin it’s very satisfying.

We love it, it’s retro, it’s addictive, it’s rewarding and it costs you nothing (apart from your time).


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