The NES Classic Edition otherwise known as the NES Mini

NES Classic Edition: A Bit More News and a New Trailer

Nintendo have released a new trailer video for their NES Classic Edition (also known as the Nintendo Mini).

This new fast moving trailer shows the decent looking user interface and reveals that there will be a save game option allowing you to store your progress at any point during play. The save games are know as suspend points and there appears to be four available per game.

This feature along with the ability to engage CRT style artificial scan lines that we discussed a few weeks back are nice touches, it’s just a shame you can’t add more games.

Don’t You Want Me

All you retro music fans out there, don’t get too excited, the backing music to this trailer does start out sounding uncannily like The Human League … but sadly it’s not.

Here’s the video complete with backing music, enjoy.

It’s out November 11th and will set you back around 50 quid.

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